The room check-out time is 12:00.
The check-in time for new arrivals is 15:00.
If you have to leave before 12:00, please inform reception the day before you leave.
The kitchen is open from 08:00 to 21:00. Remember that our kitchen has a microwave, coffee maker, kettle and fridge, and that your food must be suitable for these appliances.
In order not to disturb the other guests, the showers can only be used until 22:00.
Visitors are only allowed into the common areas of the Hostel, always informing the person responsible for the establishment before hand.
Toensure that all travellers get their rest, the doors will close at 12midnight on weekdays and at 01:00 in the morning on nights before public holidays.

It is forbidden to use free beds to sleep, lie or put your things on. If you do so, you will have to pay the cost of the extra bed.
Smokingin the building is completely forbidden.
Eatingin the rooms is completely forbidden.
The possession, distribution and/or consumption of alcoholic drinks o rdrugs is not allowed.
Noparties or meetings are allowed without having received the consentof the person responsible for the establishment. Vandalismis a serious crime. Guests committing an offense may be expelled from the Hostel.
Inthe event of damage to the rooms, or to any of the Hostel common areas, the management reserves the right to charge the total cost of said damage to your credit card.

Guests are responsible for keeping their rooms and the common areas of the hostel, such as the kitchen and the common room, decent, clean and tidy, putting away all of the common utensils used and keeping moderate order in the rooms they share. The lights and other devices must be switched off when not in use. Help us to save energy!
The hostel furniture must not be moved without prior consent from themanagement of the establishment.
Anydamage caused to the property must be reported immediately to the person responsible for the establishment.

We recommend that our guests keep their lockers locked at all times for safety reasons.
Guest sare responsible for correctly closing the door every time they enter or leave the Hostel, taking particular care during the times when the reception is closed.
The hostel management accepts no liability for the loss of personal belongings. We recommend that you put away and keep an eye on all objects of personal value, such asmobile phones, laptops or tablets, watches, players, etc.
It is forbidden to change rooms or to sleep in a room other than your own without prior consent from the management.

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION is only accepted by email; phone cancellations willnot be accepted.
If you cancel or change your booking up to 3 days before your date of arrival, the establishment will make no extra charge. If you cancelor change your booking after that time, the same booking date or if you fail to show, the establishment will charge you 100% of the cost of the first night.

Blai Blai Hostel is a quiet place where people come to enjoy themselves. However, you must remember that you are sharing with other people and show respect both for the installations and for the people you aresharing with. Have fun, and allow others to enjoy themselves too.
The hostel reserves the right of admission andwill give no refund for nights not spent at the establishment in such a case.
The hostel management reserves the right to revise and change the rules & regulations whenever it considers appropriate. Not being aware of the rules will not be an acceptable excuse in the event of a disciplinary measure.

All complaints, suggestions or queries will alwaysbewelcome.
Help us to improve!!!